3.5-1160 7 anos ago Make the GUI show a translated "No audio output" sound backend string.
3.5-1159 7 anos ago Fix ARM building.
3.5-1158 7 anos ago Pull updated translations from Transifex.
3.5-1157 7 anos ago Fix some more strings for translation, and update the catalog.
3.5-1156 7 anos ago Suppress warnings.
3.5-1155 7 anos ago Fix build on OS X
3.5-1154 7 anos ago Merge branch 'new-ax-hle'
3.5-1124 7 anos ago real buildfix
3.5-1123 7 anos ago Probably a sloppy buildfix.
3.5-1122 7 anos ago Fix loading of "themes" with non-ascii character names. Fixed issue 6189. Why did GetUserPath return a non-const ref to string..?
3.5-1121 7 anos ago We can use unordered_map without pain now!
3.5-1120 7 anos ago More log elaborating. Final time I'm doing this.
3.5-1119 7 anos ago Update function descriptions in GCPad.cpp and Wiimote.cpp
3.5-1118 7 anos ago Fix CMake warning.
3.5-1117 7 anos ago As requested apply the same changes made by rev 6958822f1957 to the D3D9 backend. handle v-sync changed while the emulation is running. thanks to neobrain for pointing the missing functionality.
3.5-1116 7 anos ago Merge branch 'osx-libcxx'
3.5-1108 7 anos ago Some more logging typos and clarifications. Missed these in my last commit.
3.5-1107 7 anos ago Disable dual source blend until a valid support test is found
3.5-1106 7 anos ago Fix some typos and correct some capitalizations in the log messages.
3.5-1105 7 anos ago Use a brute force approach to test for Dual source blend support. Sorry for a direct commit to the main branch but i need fast feedback, and i don't want to leave problematic code in the main branch f...