3.5-255 9 anos ago Change audio latency setting to a wxSpinCtrl, fixes layout problem on linux.
3.5-254 9 anos ago - Made GenRandomCode's 'size' parameter unsigned. Doesn't make sense to have the capability of being able to be negative.
3.5-253 9 anos ago Real fix for Linux Wiimote disconnect hanging. Fixes issue 5903.
3.5-252 9 anos ago Fix a clear bug in aldlist.cpp.
3.5-251 9 anos ago Get rid of unused iterators in JitCache.
3.5-250 9 anos ago OSX build fix
3.5-249 9 anos ago Added backwards compatibility with old OpenAL drivers.
3.5-248 9 anos ago Fix a gcc initialization order warning.
3.5-247 9 anos ago Readd the OpenAL option.
3.5-246 9 anos ago Merge branch 'OpenAL'
3.5-228 9 anos ago Fix bug: reuse after free. static should not have been used here.
3.5-227 9 anos ago Improve an error message.
3.5-226 9 anos ago Fix hang on Linux Dolphin close when wiimotes are connected.
3.5-225 9 anos ago Make IsValidBluetoothName just check for "Nintendo RVL-" rather than having a bunch of hardcoded names.
3.5-224 9 anos ago GetTextureBGRA()'s 'width' and 'height' parameters should be unsigned.
3.5-223 9 anos ago This changes Linux to control Wiimotes on the interrupt channel. Which in turn allows -TR wiimotes to work in Linux.
3.5-222 9 anos ago This removes the Lock Thread to Core option. Please file your complaints appropriately.
3.5-221 9 anos ago 'width' and 'height' parameters of wxBitmapFromMemoryRGBA should be unsigned.
3.5-220 9 anos ago re-enable PulseAudio backend
3.5-219 9 anos ago Merge branch 'pulseaudio-simple'